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Thank You and Welcome to Wicked Reports

Thank you for joining Wicked Reports.  We are thrilled to have you!

 Let’s get started with the WickedFast™ Setup process:

Begin by logging in to Wicked Reports.

The WickedFast Setup process is quick and easy. We want to make sure you’re confident, though, so we have provided two additional resources to give you extra help.

  1. Each step has an explainer video to help you with detailed information.
  2. You have access to The Wicked Academy, which contains more training.

During WickedFast Setup you will:

  • Authorize a source (or sources) of Contacts and Lead data
  • Authorize a source (or sources) of Order and Product data
  • Authorize your Facebook ad account
  • Set up tracking on your Facebook Ads
  • Authorize your Google Analytics account
  • Authorize your Google Adwords account
  • Set up tracking on your Adwords ads
  • Deploy your Wicked Reports Tracking Code on your website, landing pages, and order forms
  • Provide us with the automated emails you’d like us to encode as part of your Kickstart package
  • Set up tracking on a social media post
  • Schedule your Setup Audio Call with our team

NOTE: You must complete these steps to ensure that Wicked Reports is set up properly. This list may look daunting but going through the steps should not take you long.

It is also IMPORTANT to know that you will not have access to the reports until you complete the WickedFast Setup.

Remember, if you have any questions about the setup process, you can check out our Quickstart Guide in The Wicked Academy.

Welcome to Wicked Reports!

Click the link below to login to and begin the WickedFast Setup: