Let our experts handle it.

Our service options make using Wicked Reports in your business even easier. It’s like having a Wicked Reports expert as part of your team.



How do I purchase a service option?

You’ll be able to add a service option immediately after purchasing your Wicked Reports plan. You can sign up for a Wicked Reports plan here.


I want someone to set up Wicked Reports for me. Which service plan should I get?

For a complete “hands free” set up, we have the “Done for you” VIP plan at $2,000 a month. We’ll handle every aspect of setting up your tracking and we’ll add tracking to new marketing as you create it.


I can handle setting up tracking, but I’d like an expert to help me interpret our data on an ongoing basis. Which service plan should I get?

The “Done for you” VIP service and “Done with you” coaching service both provide ongoing data analysis consultations. The “Done for you” VIP service plan provides unlimited consulting calls with your account representative. The “Done with you” coaching service includes one consulting call a month.



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