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  • Annual Revenue: $0 - $1MM
  • 20k contacts
  • 30 Days of free data consulting
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Wicked Starter Annual Package


  • Annual Revenue: $0 - $1MM
  • Price protection for 12 months
  • 1 month free
  • 30 Days of free data consulting

Live coaching and support from marketing ROI tracking experts.

• Live calls with Q&A experts to ensure you’re making good, data-driven decisions that will grow your business
• Targeted video training
• Step-by-step Quickstart documentation

Done-for-you email ROI Tracking Reports for up to 40 emails.

We code up to 40 of your emails with the correct links so you can start getting tracking data immediately.

Customized ROI Link Builder for your business.

Allows you to create tracking links in seconds with no coding.

Free Tracking Code Validation.

With only a few clicks—and no coding—you can make sure that the marketing data in your reports will be complete and accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up Wicked Reports?

Once you create your account, most users are up and running within two to four hours. We start tracking all your business data immediately, and some of the reports will show you actionable intel within 24 hours. 

Does it work for subscription businesses?

Sure does! We track the first sale, then add any subsequent purchases to the customer lifetime value. You see what you spent to acquire the customer the first time — but you won’t see any duplicate acquisition costs on subsequent purchases. 


How does it work? Do you do any onboarding?

Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. We onboard every customer so that you have a complete understanding of each report and how to use it. We do a call, we’ve got video tutorials, and we give you access to a weekly webinar with our tech experts. You can just dial in if you’re having an issue, and our data guys will sort it out for you on the spot. 


Will it work with my particular set-up? It’s a bit unusual…

Yep – it works with every configuration. No sales funnel is exactly alike, which is why we go such a thorough onboarding process. We’ve seen just about every kind of funnel you can imagine — from pristine arrangements to patch jobs that would make MacGyver cry. Wicked Reports can handle it all. 


Do you offer free trials?

No – we do awesome demos instead. You can book one here. A demo is the best option for learning how Wicked Reports can help your business grow with actionable insight. You’ll have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like before getting started.


Do I have to sign a contract?

No, you are free to cancel at any time.