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"I hired Scott to provide SEO/PPC. AdWords Analytics expertise to our small business customers. The results were beyond my expectations! After meeting with Scott for a one-hour consultation, he produced and eleven page personalized audit for each small business. The response was outstanding! In addition to his professionalism, Scott is extremely knowledgeable and is known for getting customers results. I keep trying to hire him back, but he is in high demand!"
-Kara Pierce, Sr. Manager of Sales & Partner Training, Infusionsoft
"Scott’s expertise has been an integral part of our success. We are a small business of 6 people that grosses over $3 million annually. Scott has developed applications and marketing automation for us over the past 3 years that's enabled us to scale our business while retaining our low overhead. Remember, you can't scale without the right information. And if you are not tracking all of your efforts, you're pissing in the wind."
-Mark Murrell, CEO,

Dear Marketer,


If you ever watch the hit TV show Shark Tank you’ll notice there are two types of entrepreneurs:


1. The smart ones who know their numbers.

2. The dumb ones who don’t.


The smart ones are able to answer the tough questions about their business with confidence.


While the dumb ones start to sweat and squirm when asked about their revenue, sales, acquisition costs, etc.


So why are some entrepreneurs smarter than others?


The successful ones -- the ones who know their numbers from top to bottom -- took responsibility to figure out how to track their results.


They know what’s working and what’s not. They’re NOT guessing anymore. They make data-based decisions instead of shooting from the hip.


In other words, they’ve learned to take their business seriously.


So what about you? Would you be able to answer the tough questions if someone asked you?


“Which emails are driving the most sales and revenue (not just clicks)?”


“Are you making money from your social posts or just collecting likes (aka “vanity metrics”)?


“And do you know what stats to focus on so you can make more money with your marketing?”


If you’re starting to sweat a little don’t worry… this free Marketing ROI Video Training Course will show you how to become a smarter marketer and entrepreneur.


Plus, if you join you’ll also get two useful tools to help you track your marketing results. Scroll down to learn more about this course and tools.

Here’s to your success!

Scott Desgrosseilliers
CEO, Wicked Reports


How to Accurately Track Your Company’s Marketing Results: 4-Part Video Training

Marketing ROI: 4-Part Video Series

What is a UTM (and why they matter)

The easy (and accurate) way to setup UTMs

Source, Medium, Campaign, Content & Term Defined

Video 1: UTM Codes Overview


Email Tracking Goals and Strategies

How to Use the Wicked Link Builder

How to Create Tracking Links for Broadcasts & Campaigns

Video 2: How to Properly Track Emails

The Key Metrics You Should Focus On

What To Do with the Data To Make More Money

How to Find Your Most Profitable Emails

Video 3: How to Turn Your Data Into Money


The 2 Most Important Metrics for Social Posts

The Proven Process for Social Post Tracking

How to Use the Google Analytics Acquisition Report

Video 4: How to Determine Social ROI

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