Wicked Reports


Wicked Reports are designed to get you better data, better decisions, and better results.



Cross channel multi-touch campaign reporting

Customer journey attribution, real costs, clicks, leads, and sales.

PPC detailed attribution report

Campaign performance broken down by ad targeting, ad, and keyword. This advanced view allows detailed optimization of a PPC campaign.

Campaign ROI reporting

See the true ROI and LTV of your marketing campaigns so you can stop wasting money and scale marketing that works.

Best customer data mining report

Once you have enough tracking data, we will mine your data to answer the question “Where did you find your best customers?”.  The bigger the circle, the higher the revenue. The further a circle is to the right, the higher the ROI. Click on the circle, and learn why this data is important and how to act on it.

Campaign customer journey analysis report

See the breakdown of performance of your marketing campaigns across our attribution points. This allows you to move ad budget to the points in time that are leading to customers, and stop spending ad budget at the points in time it does not lead to customers.

Missed opportunity data mining report

Once you have enough tracking data, we will mine your data to answer the question “Where did you turn off marketing campaigns that are now bringing in revenue?”  We can answer this question because of our attribution models that incorporate customer lifetime value.  Perhaps turn these campaigns back on.

Customer lifetime value report

We always show the clicks we track, the leads we’ve detected, and the sales we’ve attributed. No more head-scratching over puzzling pixel stats that overstate conversion data.

Marketing value over time cohort report

See the increased customer value as it is realized over time.  Advanced marketers know that time is a weapon that creates a big edge.  When you know a customer’s value over time, you can reverse engineer what you can pay to acquire those customers.

Email revenue report

Email clicks, sales and revenue determined by cross-channel attribution.  You can see which emails are closing the sales and which ones are turning people off.  Stop sending the ones that turn people off, and make sure everyone gets the ones that close sales!

Predictive behaviors report

We data mine for patterns to help you in all phases of your marketing. Buying Day and Time shows what day and time your customers have bought in the past.  This informs when you want to send emails and run PPC campaigns.

New vs. repeat buyer value over time report

New buyers act differently from repeat buyers.  Find out how, so you can optimize your new customer acquisition campaigns based on real customer value data.

Wicked Reports has given us huge clarity on the performance of our ads, specifically Facebook. Before Wicked, it was a nightmare trying to find out how much Facebook revenue came from new customers vs. pre-existing customers. Now we can easily see this information in Wicked. Not only that, but Wicked has also massively improved our lead source tracking. What used to be a headache is now very simple to find out. We love Wicked Reports!

Perry Marshall

Author and CEO, Perry S. Marshall & Associates

Learn how Wicked Reports SMART Attribution can help you learn what marketing activities are working and which are NOT working so you can increase ROI and scale your business.