Wicked Reports

All the Right Features

We build features to level the playing field for small businesses vs. big business, because they are competing for the same customers.

Automatic link tagging

Wicked Reports automatically puts link identification on all Facebook and Google ads. No need for manual UTM tagging!  

Tracking code verification

We make it wicked easy to track all your clicks. Now you can double-check your tracking setup before launching campaigns. 

Track Email Link Clicks to Website You Don’t Own

We can capture redirect link clicks from your email funnels and attribute sale or re-optin back to click.

Attribute Leads that Buy with a Different Email

B2B marketers often run into the issue that the person they market to is not the ultimate buyer.

Facebook Ad Manager Chrome Extension

See the true ROI of your ad campaigns right inside the Facebook Ads interface.

Facebook Offline Conversion Sync

Facebook’s offline conversion sync ensures Facebook has the most accurate conversion data possible to fuel its algorithm.

Import non PPC Marketing Costs

If you sponsor an event, pay for ad placement or an email send, or run a print ad, Wicked can track all those things.  Even better, we can give you the true ROI of that

Track CRM custom offline events to ad spend

Live events. Businesses using Facebook and Google ads to drive consultations. Previously “untrackable” funnels that occur inside CRM automation.

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Learn how we have helped our clients generate over $3 Billion in attributable revenue