Email Attribution

Measure your email marketing.

See exactly how many customers and how much revenue each email is producing.


Open and click-through rates don’t tell the whole story

You need to know how effective your email campaigns are at nurturing leads, creating customers, and driving sales

Measure automated email campaign performance

As you nurture leads, you’re guiding them through a series of target behaviors. You have content you want them to download, webinars you want them to attend, and other calls to action. Now you can see how effective your emails are at driving the specific behaviors that bring the lead deeper into your funnel and closer to a buying decision.

Count sales, not opens

Ultimately email marketing is about creating customers. You’ll be able to see which email messages are effectively converting your leads into paying customers. You’ll see a breakdown, by message, of which email campaigns are best at converting and you’ll see the exact number of new customers each email created.

Track Broadcast Email Revenue

Automated Follow-Up Email Campaign Performance

Send more emails that sell and stop sending emails that repel


Since we started using Wicked Reports, we’ve gotten much deeper insight into how our many marketing campaigns are performing, all the way down to ROI on each campaign and ad. Wicked Reports saves us both time and money, and we’re happy to recommend them and their team to anyone that’s spending money on digital advertising. It's a game changer for any serious small business.

Landon Ray

Founder and CEO, Ontraport