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Take the guesswork out of your digital marketing

Customers don’t just click on an ad and the buy. They leave. They forget about you. They come back. They do research. They compare. Days, weeks, even months later, they finally make a purchase.

Wicked Reports tracks every click in your customers’ journeys and attributes them to actual orders, contacts, marketing activities, and advertising data. 

Our patent-pending attribution models show you the true ROI of all your digital ad spend, so you can stop wasting money–and spend more on what works.

Single-click measurement is running blind

Facebook and Google advertising reports only track their specific ad clicks and one-time orders.

You can’t see the real results of your marketing activities over an extended time–with the true lifetime value of each customer. Without multi-touch attribution of all your marketing activities, you’re not getting the real picture.

Every click. Every order. True ROI.

No more mysterious marketing performance reports showing lead counts that can’t be verified. Wicked Reports tracks every click, every email, every order, and every sale.

You’ll see the true ROI of all your marketing activities and spending–over time–across your customers’ buying journeys.

Revenue Attribution Based on Real Orders

Wicked Reports uses actual order data from your payment solution. You’ll know the order numbers associated with each conversion from ads, emails, and other marketing. The revenue from these orders is attributed back to the marketing and advertising that created the customer.

Customer Lifetime Value  reveals your true ROI

Revenue is attributed across the entire lifetime of the customer. As your customers make repeat purchases and subscription payments, Wicked Reports will automatically attribute the additional revenue to the source that brought you the customer and/or drove the latest purchase.

Attribution across all customer journey points

Optimize PPC campaigns by scaling ad spend where it converts and stopping ad spend where it doesn’t.

First click

Identify the initial brand awareness activity that created the first click by a future customer.

First opt-in

Identify the cold traffic lead generation activity that created a new lead that led to a future customer.


Identify the marketing activity that caused someone to submit their email address which led to a purchase.

Last Click

Identify the last marketing activity that led to a sale by new or existing customers.

Full Impact

Look across every click and activity to answer, “Is this marketing campaign effective and profitable?”

We will help you increase your ROI

We include world-class support, training, and resources to help you make the most of your digital marketing investments.


Have a question? Hit a snag? Our support team is ready to help. Reach out to us however you prefer — email, live chat, or phone — we’ll help you Wicked fast.


We’ve created some of the best training available on how to mine your data for actionable insights you can immediately apply to cut ad spend or bring in new business.


Every Wicked Reports customer gets one-on-one calls with a Wicked attribution expert. We’ll look at your live data and make specific recommendations to improve your marketing ROI.

Learn how Wicked Reports SMART Attribution can help you learn what marketing activities are working and which are NOT working so you can increase ROI and scale your business.

Wicked Reports is the greatest thing ever.  I am an evangelical Wicked Reports supporter!

Frank Kern

Author and Marketing Master, FrankKern.com