Wicked Reports

The world’s leading marketing attribution software for small business.


Wicked’s patent-pending technology associates every click in your customers’ journey. 

Our automatic algorithms take the guesswork out of attribution models so you can get back to growing your business.

Every click. Every order. True ROI.

No more mysterious marketing performance reports.

Optimize ad targeting

 Discover key ad groups, keywords, and display placements that drive ROI.


Optimize PPC campaigns

Done-for-you, attribution across the most important customer journey points

Revenue Attribution Based on Real Orders

Wicked Reports uses actual order data from your payment solution.

Customer Lifetime Value Attribution

Revenue is attributed across the entire lifetime of the customer

Pre-built Attribution Models

Specific to small business strategies so you can measure the results correctly.

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Wicked Reports is the greatest thing ever.  I am an evangelical Wicked Reports person

Frank Kern

Author and Marketing Master, FrankKern.com