SMART Attribution using real CRM and transaction data



Our native integration helps Infusionsoft users stay organized and get the data to scale their business

Find more of your best customers

Wicked Reports will show you where your most valuable customers are coming from and what marketing is causing them to convert. With this insight, you can dip into the same well over and over. 

Boost the ROI of your ad spend

When you can see the exact, long-term ROI of each ad, you’ll know which ads you should scale up and which ones you should kill off or optimize to maximize your ROI. 

Create more repeat purchases

Wicked Reports shows you which email campaigns are generating repeat purchases so you’ll know which offers work best. You can create automated follow up from these offers to create a sequence that churns out repeat orders.

Wicked Reports takes you beyond engagement oriented email marketing metrics, like open rate and clickthrough rate.



Our patent-pending People-Based Tracking, shows you:

How many orders an email campaign generated

How many of those orders came from new customers versus existing customers

The exact amount of revenue the campaign generated

How each campaign fits into your customer journeys

Fast, simple integration.

Authorize Infusionsoft once and you’re done.

One-click is all it takes.



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