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Wicked Reports is the #1 marketing attribution software for small to medium size businesses.

I get asked the same kind of question a lot…

  • “What does Wicked Reports give me that I can’t get from Google Analytics?”
  • “Is Wicked Reports a dashboard solution?”
  • “How is Wicked Reports different than Heap or Mixpanel?”

When someone asks me a question like this I know I haven’t done a good job explaining Wicked Reports… because Wicked Reports is different than anything else out there

No one is giving you the marketing insight we are. The tracking and attribution technology we’re using is patent pending so no one else can do what we’re doing.


What makes Wicked Reports different?

Wicked Reports uses a sophisticated attribution technology called People-Based Tracking to show you exactly how well each piece of your marketing is performing in terms of long-term ROI.

With Wicked Reports you can see:

  • The exact ROI of your lead generation campaigns. You’ll be able to see the actual customers that were produced by a particular Facebook Ad or Adwords campaign. Wicked Reports links clicks on ads and emails to real people in your CRM and their actual orders from your payment processor.
  • How much those customers are worth to your business over time. You can see the total lifetime value each piece of your marketing created traced back to the marketing they interacted with. This allows you to see an ad or emails real ROI based on the revenue its created for your business based on the lifetime value of the customers it created for you.
  • The customer journey that is creating and converting customers for you. You’ll be able to see each step of the customer journey so you can reverse engineer your marketing and find the optimal process that creates the best leads, converts the leads into customers, and creates repeat business.
  • The source of your best customers. You’re able to see the journey of each customer, so by looking at your highest lifetime value customers, you can see where they’re coming from. You can invest more into these ads to find more of your highest lifetime value customers.
  • The result each marketing campaign creates. Is a particular ad good at creating awareness? Leads? Re-engaging with leads? Or driving first-time purchases? Driving repeat purchases? Ads and email campaigns are good at acheiving different goals. When you can see what result they tend to produce, you can apply them at the perfect time in the customer journey to move a customer through your sales and nurturing process as quickly as possible.


Wicked Reports isn’t like Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you in-depth statistics on your website activity. It aggregates the data from all your website visitors and creates statistics on page views, traffic by channel, time on page, etc. Because Google Analytics is concerned with statistics, the data is anonymous and they’re focused on helping you understand your website activity and track changes over time.

Wicked Reports is looking at the journey of each individual lead and customer. Rather than being anonymous, the data is linked to actual records in your CRM and actual order data from your ecommerce solution. You can see every step of a customer journey — every click on every email, every ad click, and every other marketing touch such as your social media activity. Wicked Reports uses this precise, detailed view of the customer journey to tell you the exact ROI of each marketing campaign. Wicked Report knows every click, so it can tie those clicks to revenue from orders, and it knows which marketing found the customer, caused them to become a lead, and caused them to convert into a paying customer.

Put differently, Google Analytics is focused on giving you the big picture of your website activity. Wicked Reports is focused on attributing revenue to your marketing efforts so that you can see the actual ROI of each campaign that you’re running 


Google Analytics shows you whether your organic search traffic is increasing or decreasing in the month of March.

Wicked Reports shows you that a specific Facebook Ad created $23k in new revenue and 29 new customers for your company during the month of March.


Wicked Reports isn’t an event tracker like Heap Analytics or Mixpanel.

Heap and Mixpanel make it really easy to do on-site and in-app event tracking You can set up custom events, create funnels, and then see where drop off occurs to optimize sequences of events.

Heap and Mixpanel can tell you what’s working once a customer is on your site, but they aren’t helpful at telling you what is bringing customers back to your site and nurturing them. What’s capturing their attention, creating interest, and bringing them back to your site? What is it that’s pushing customers over the edge and finally prompting them to return and make a purchase?

Heap and Mixpanel are excellent at revealing what happens on your website but they don’t show you the customer journey like Wicked Reports does. A lot of the buying process happens offsite — in paid ads, email campaigns, social media, etc. — and Wicked Reports shows you all of that.


Heap Analytics is good for measuring the drop off that occurs when someone comes to your site and fills out your order form. You can see where they dropped out and see the conversion rate between each step.

Wicked Reports is good for seeing which paid advertisement found a customer and brought them to your site the first time, what marketing caused them to become a lead, and which marketing they interacted with before making a purchase. With this insight, you can see exactly which ads, emails, and other marketing are finding, nurtuing, and creating customers for your business.


Wicked Reports isn’t a dashboard solution like Tableau or Geckoboard.

Dashboards are useful for keeping an eye on important marketing metrics, but for the most part they’re just displaying data. Wicked Reports isn’t passively displaying data — it’s capturing every click on your marketing, it’s gathering data from your CRM and order solution, it’s running all that data through a sophisticated alogrithm, and then telling you the customer journey.

Wicked Reports doesn’t just show you data, it tells you what’s working and whatt isn’t.


With a dashboard solution, you can see your customer growth over the past year broken down by week.

With Wicked Reports, you can see that email marketing is creating $430k in revenue for your business over the past year. You can see exactly how much revenue and how many customers each email campaign you sent created.   


Wicked Reports takes data from your entire marketing stack, processes it, and then gives you answers to your five most important marketing questions:

  1. How did this customer first hear about me?
  2. What caused this customer to become a lead?
  3. What marketing nurtured this customer?
  4. What was the last thing they clicked on before becoming a customer?
  5. What drove every repeat purchase?

To learn more about how Wicked Reports can help your business grow by revealing your the exact ROI of all your lead generation activity, request a demo consultation today:

Learn how Wicked Reports SMART Attribution can help you learn what marketing activities are working and which are NOT working so you can increase ROI and scale your business.