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Better data.

Better decisions.

Better results.

Win the digital marketing game

Savvy small businesses using Wicked Reports have created over $3.3 billion in attributed revenue from just $1.3 billion in Facebook and Google ad spend. That’s real ROI.

Single-click ad measurement

is running blind

Facebook and Google advertising reports only track their specific ad clicks and one-time orders. 

Without multi-touch attribution of all your marketing activities, you’re not getting the real picture.

Stop wasting money and scale what’s really working

Wicked Reports tracks every click and every purchase to see the true ROI of all your marketing investments.

You’ll see exactly which ads and emails drive sales so you can stop spending on marketing that doesn’t work–and scale your sales.

One-click integrations with the solutions you’re already using


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             Drip - marketing automation         Clickfunnels marketing attribution               

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See for yourself how Wicked Reports
has helped our clients to generate over
$3 billion in attributable revenue. 

What our customers are saying

I started my ecommerce business out of my condo in 2011 and struggled for years to generate any traction from advertising. I could never tell what was working and what wasn’t. But everything changed once I got Wicked Reports installed in my business. Now I make decisions based on data instead of hunches. Wicked Reports allowed us to grow our business to $4 million with only 4 employees! And in the last 90 days, we’ve made over $200k from spending $30k on Facebook ads alone. Wicked Reports helps us increase our conversion rates, lower acquisition cost and double the ROI on our online marketing efforts!

Mark Murrell

CEO, Get Maine Lobster


Since we started using Wicked Reports, we’ve gotten much deeper insight into how our many marketing campaigns are performing, all the way down to ROI on each campaign and ad. Wicked Reports saves us both time and money, and we’re happy to recommend them and their team to anyone that’s spending money on digital advertising. It's a game changer for any serious small business.

Landon Ray

Founder and CEO, Ontraport

Stop wasting money.
Grow your business.

See for yourself how Wicked Reports
has helped our clients to generate over
$3 billion in attributable revenue.