Track the performance of your social media activity.

See the exact ROI of your social media posts & interactions.

See the real return from your social media investment

Social media marketing isn’t free — it costs time. You need to know exactly how many leads your social media posts are generating, how many of those leads are converting into paid customers, and how much those customers are worth to your business.

See how social touch fits into the customer lifecycle

Do your leads respond differently to different types of posts depending on whether they’re already on your email list? Do your social media followers have a higher lifetime value than non-followers? The answers to these questions can help you hone your social media strategy to be as effective as possible.

Track the one social media metric that matters: revenue created.

See the exact lifetime value of customers generated from social media activity.

See how many leads social media is generating.

You’ll be able to see who is opting into your email list after interacting with your social media posts.

See how many of those leads convert into paying customers.

You’ll see who converts to a paid customer after clicking your social links. You’ll also know whether your social media activity is creating repeat purchases from existing customers.

See the lifetime value of those customers.

You’ll see the exact value of those customers based on the value of their actual orders. 

Track so much more than your social media.

Track and measure all your marketing in one attribution solution.

Wicked Reports tracks your paid ads, email marketing, social media activity, and even clicks to properties you don’t own. Now you can attribute customers, sales, and real revenue back to the marketing that created it. Finally see how effective all your marketing is and how it works together to create a customer.