Track all your marketing and advertising in one place.

See the cross-channel impact of all your marketing.


Easily track and measure the performance of all your cross-channel marketing

Paid advertising

Google Adwords
Facebook Ads
Display ads

Email marketing

Broadcast campaigns
Automated follow up
Sales emails

Social media & more.

Facebook posts
PDFs & other marketing

See which marketing channels are driving each step of the customer journey.

You can see impressions, pageviews, and clicks. But, where are your sales and customers coming from?

See what created awareness

You’ll be able to see what created the first clickthrough to your website. You’ll know which ad or campaign created the initial interest in your company.

See what created a lead

You’ve got a variety of optin incentives to create leads from visitors to your website. But how do you know which of these offers is creating your best customers? With Wicked Reports, you’ll be able to see which offer led them to optin to receive marketing from your company.

See what offers they responded to

In the process of marketing to your lead, you offer them various calls to action and content. You’ll be able to see which of these offers caused them to re-optin.

See what converted them into a customer

When the lead makes a purchase, you’ll be able to see which ad, email, or other marketing drove the decision. This “last click” tells you what is most effective at motivating leads to convert into customers.

See what drove each repeat purchase

After you’ve acquired a customer, you want them to keep making purchases. Every purchase decision is attributed to the marketing that drove the decision so you always have an accurate accounting of which ads and emails are creating purchases.

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