Know where to invest your ad spend.

Full-Impact ROI tells you how effective your marketing is at creating specific results.

Get clear answers to your four most important marketing questions:

“Where did they hear about me?”

How did your customers first learn about your company? What ads and marketing are attracting your best customers?

“What converted them into a lead?”

What was the first offer that turned them into a lead? What was it that made them opt-in to receive marketing from you?

“What calls to action did they respond to?”

What calls to action and offers did they respond to on their journey to becoming a customer?

“What converted them into a customer?

What was the final ad or marketing that caused them to take action and become a customer?

Know exactly when a particular message should be used.

Some ads will be great at creating awareness, some will be great at creating leads, and some will be great at converting cold traffic into customers. But how do you which is which?

You can’t treat all leads the same

Your leads behave differently depending on where they are in the customer journey. A brand new lead is going to respond to different offers, ads, and messages than someone who has been following you for a year.

Timing is everything

We all know that it’s important to get the right message to the right contact at the right time. You can only do that if you know which marketing message is most effective at each stage of the customer journey.

See where your ad is making an impact.


Full-Impact ROI Gives You Accurate Attribution

Wicked Reports gives you a full-attribution impact assessment of your ads. This comprehensive analysis removes all the headache, frustration, and complexity. Reclaim the hours you’ve been spending crunching numbers. Wicked Reports analyzes the data automatically and gives you fast, accurate answers to your most important questions.

Then the WickedSmartz intelligent interface tells you what you need to know:

What made people become customers?

Where did I first find them?

Where did I find them most recently?

Where did I convert them?

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