Understand your Facebook Ads true performance.

Measure & optimize based on actual customers, revenue, and long-term sales.

Measure real ROI… not clicks & conversion counts.

Facebook reporting only tells half the story.

Here’s the other half…

See actual revenue created

Impressions, clicks, and conversion counts give you an idea of how an ad is performing, but don’t tell you what really matters. You need to know how many customers an ad creates and how much those customers are worth to your business. Wicked Reports matches real orders to Facebook ads so you know how many orders were placed, how many new customers were created, and how much revenue was produced.

See the long-term impact

Facebook reporting only looks at a thin slice of time. This means you aren’t seeing the long-term impact of an ad. And, Facebook can’t see the value of a customer over time, so it’s only reporting the conversion it can see. This can cause you to undervalue ads that have a long-term impact and overvalue ads that only produce results in the short-term.

Display your ad at the right spot in the customer journey.

Know what result your ad is most effective at producing long-term revenue.

Your Facebook ads serve different purposes. Some create awareness, some capture leads, some re-engage existing leads, and some create customers from cold traffic. Now you’ll know exactly how effective each ad is at producing each result so you can use the right message at the right time to produce the result you’re looking for.

Warm versus cold audience insight

Your existing leads behave differently than your new leads. Your old customers behave differently than your new customers. With Wicked Reports, you’ll be able to see the impact an ad has on each distinct audience so you know who to display it to and when.

The all new Chrome Extension

See your Wicked Reports ROI insight right where you need it — in Facebook.

The answers you need, right where you need them.

The Wicked Reports Chrome extension augments the Facebook Ads interface creating a new tab. Simply click on a campaign and you’ll see a panel appear giving you valuable Wicked Reports ROI performance data.

Plain-language, actionable advice

Right inside Facebook, we’re giving you specific recommendations on how to optimze your ad. You’ll know which audience the ad is most effective for and how you can optimize the ad to increase ROI.

Automatic offline conversion sync

Facebook’s offline conversion sync ensures Facebook has the most accurate conversion data possible to fuel its algorithm. Wicked Reports includes an automated tool that uploads your order data daily. This allows you to see your order data attributed to the “last view” ad within the Facebook interface.