Measure your email marketing.

See exactly how many customers and how much revenue each email is producing.

Go beyond open and clickthrough rates.

Email marketing and marketing automation providers report how many people opened your email and clicked on links. But, that’s not what really matters. You need to know how effective your email campaigns are at nurturing leads, creating customers, and driving sales. 

Measure nurture performance

As you nuture leads, you’re guiding them through a series of target behaviors. You have content you want them to download, webinars you want them to attend, and other calls to action. Now you can see how effective your emails are at driving the specific behaviors that bring the lead deeper into your funnel and closer to a buying decision. 

Measure new customers created

Ultimately email marketing is about creating customers. You’ll be able to see which email messages are effectively converting your leads into paying customers. You’ll see a breakdown, by message, of which email campaigns are best at converting and you’ll see the exact number of new customers each email created. 


Measure repeat sales

Once you’ve created a customer, you want to maximize their liftetime value by encouraging repeat purchases. There’s no better channel than email marketing for that. With Wicked Reports, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of how many email-driven purchases came from new customers versus existing customers.  

Track all your email marketing. 

Broadcast campaigns

See how many leads are responding to your one-off email messages. See how effective a broadcast email was at getting leads to re-engage or become customers. Track the true performance of special offers, seasonal messages, product announcements, and more. 

Automated emails

Track the performance of your marketing automation and automated follow up sequences. See how effective each series of emails is at converting leads into customers. Track triggered messages, nurture sequences, post-demo follow up, and more. 

The metric that matters: see each campaign’s impact on your bottomline.

Know the exact amount of revenue each email message created.