See your Wicked Reports data inside Facebook.

Optimize your Facebook Ad campaigns with long-term ROI data.

Take the guesswork out of your Facebook ad optimization

See the true ROI of your ad campaigns right inside the Facebook Ads interface. Now, you can optimize your campaign based on how many orders it created, how many customers it brought you, and how much revenue it produced over time… without leaving Facebook.

Measure each ad’s performance against past campaigns.

Compare your ads against over 15 benchmarks from your own data.


Total clicks
Cost per click (CPC)
Earnings per click (EPC)


Total sales
Costs and revenue over time
Return on investment (ROI)
Average time to break even


Total leads
Cost per lead (CPL)
Earnings per lead (EPL)
Lead to sale conversion rate


Total customers
Cost to acquire (CAC)
Lifetime value (LTV)
Average time to first purchase

Know who to show each ad to (and who not to)

Specific ads tend to work better with warm leads versus cold leads (or vice versa). Knowing which audience your ad motivates is the key to maximizing your ROI. The new Chrome extension shows you exactly how well the ad is performing with each audience so you can target the ad accordingly.