Marketing Leader

Wicked Marketing Leader

Wicked Reports is looking for an exceptional growth marketer to join our team to lead our marketing efforts. This is a unique opportunity to join a growing company that has found product/market fit. We have tracked 3.3 billion in attributable sales to 400 customers with a minimal ad budget. Our partnerships with Google and Facebook have us positioned for dramatic 2019 growth with the right marketing leader.

Now we need a strong marketer to drive top-of-funnel awareness and generate demand. You’ll have ownership of all aspects of marketing – lead generation, messaging, product positioning, etc.

We’re looking for someone who wants to have ownership for growth and lead gen and is comfortable with having full autonomy to develop the necessary processes and tactics.

About the Job

The Wicked Marketing Leader possesses demonstrated success executing high-energy, innovative marketing campaigns that drive revenue in a SaaS company. This position will be responsible for coordinating and executing Wicked Reports’ overall marketing strategy, which includes content and affiliate marketing to generate qualified sales leads who become ideal-fit, happy customers.

The Wicked Marketing Leader should have excellent communication skills and good taste, a strong sense of aesthetics, and a love for great copy and witty communication. The ability to evaluate our target market, develop a compelling offer, and execute an effective campaign is critical to success in the role of Wicked Marketing Manager.

The Wicked Marketing Leader will be expected to effectively manage all marketing channels and activities to create, execute, and maintain a consistently attractive and effective message to our target market.

The Wicked Marketing Leader will take ownership of Wicked Reports’ lead generation and affiliate marketing efforts to drive traffic and qualified leads into our sales funnels.

Required Skills

  • Experience with owning a number (lead or sales number)
  • Experience generating leads (SEO, PPC, demand gen, etc)
  • Experience with content strategy and development
  • Problem solver who can learn quickly and flex into different functional areas
  • Ability to craft appropriate messaging and strategically position the produc
  • Analytical ability and reasoning
  • Process and detail oriented
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in product marketing with messaging and positioning
  • Experience marketing to a technical audience
  • Experience building and managing teams
  • Experience with managing conferences and events

Typical Day

Working from our Salem, MA office, you will start your day by checking on your PPC ad performance, bids, and budgets for the previous day. You will check conversion rates for yesterday’s ads and email campaigns and identify any adjustments that need to be made and see if any workflow or automation problems need to be addressed.

Once through your daily routine you might check in with our Facebook community to share any relevant articles or customer success stories to help keep our customers engaged and active with us online. Along the way you might ask people to leave reviews for us or to recommend us in other communities.

You then spend an hour brainstorming campaign ideas and doing target market research to come up with a few new hooks and offers to test over the coming weeks. You evaluate your marketing calendar and come up with timeline and start reaching out to the appropriate designers to check on availability and get status updates on existing projects.

Before lunch, you log into Infusionsoft and tweak some automations for better performance and confirm campaigns are running as expected.

After lunch, you reach out to some thought leaders you identified in a relevant Facebook group and start to develop a relationship with them as potential affiliate partners. You also touch base with your other top affiliate partners to keep them up-to-date on what’s happening with Wicked and let them know about an upcoming event.

Then you get to check in on our competitors and report on their affiliate campaigns and promotions.

You check in with the sales team on Slack to get feedback on the quality of leads before sitting down to write email copy for a three-step email to warm prospects by inviting them to an upcoming sales webinar you created and will be hosting.

If you have a desire to grow businesses, an interest in digital marketing and analytics, and a passion to share your marketing genius with the ecommerce online marketing world, this could be the right opportunity for you!

To apply for this position, please email your resume and cover letter to