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Wicked Success Specialist
Job Description


The Wicked Success Specialist provides customer service by handling customer inquiries by phone, email, and chat and providing training and support for users of the Wicked Reports marketing data analytics software platform.

About the Job

The Wicked Success Specialist possesses a basic understanding of internet marketing strategies and terms that will allow effective communication with our client base of advanced internet marketers. This position is the first level of support for our client’s questions about product features, interpreting data, product setup and usage, and occasionally identifying bugs and coordinating resolution with our product development team.

The Wicked Success Specialist should have excellent communication skills and be able to explain technical problems to customers in non-technical language. The ability to communicate with and provide solutions instead of technical explanations to customers is a critical component of the role of the Wicked Support Specialist.

The Wicked Success Specialist will be expected to maintain our positive reputation with existing clients by working with customers in a courteous and timely manner and effectively de-escalating customer frustrations.

The Wicked Success Specialist will take ownership of technical issues and see our customers’ problems, puzzles, bugs, and questions through to completion from beginning to end.

This is a full-time W-2 position paying $3500/mo in the Salem, MA area. Candidates should live in the North Shore area. You will work out of our Salem headquarters. We offer a generous vacation policy and flexible work hours.

Required Skills

  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Established interest in online marketing, technology, and business growth
  • High level of technical aptitude and ability to quickly learn new technologies
  • Self-starter who excels at setting goals and knocking them out of the park
  • Gets genuine fulfillment by supporting others in achieving success
  • Natural problem-solver with an affinity for puzzles
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to spot data trends for troubleshooting
  • Highly socially adept with a strong ability to connect and empathize with others

Typical Day

You usually start your day by logging into our ticketing system to review any new alerts or tickets from the night before. You look for any problems that will need to be investigated further and any new requests from clients. You prioritize any new alerts that require action, add them to the work queue, and schedule follow up with the client as necessary. You return any phone or email messages and forward requests to sales or higher support levels as necessary.

Until your first appointment, a client setup audit call, you work the ticket board, following up with and resolving issues for clients and answering questions for as many clients as you can before your scheduled appointment.

At appointment time, you fire up video conferencing for a screen sharing session with a new client. You will build rapport and educate the client on proper setup for our software and help identify, troubleshoot, and resolve any issues that may arise. While on your call, you notice a section of the application that has changed since the documentation was written, so you make a note to update the related knowledge base articles when you have an opening in your schedule later in the day.

Knowing that you now have a few hours until your next scheduled call, you use the time to follow up on a few open tickets that have been escalated to the development team via Slack and Trello to see if any issues have been resolved and are ready to be closed out and communicated to the client, or if anything is stuck and requires additional information or troubleshooting.

Once you’re satisfied that the open tickets have all been addressed, you make a few outbound client engagement calls to update billing information or offer consulting calls to clients who haven’t logged into the tool for a while.

Still keeping an eye on the service desk for new tickets, you see that you have some time to update the knowledge base article that you had previously identified as out of date, so you go ahead and take care of it. You notice that you need a screenshot and some feedback from other members of the team, so you reach out via Slack to request the needed information. After going back and forth a couple times with one of the developers, you offer to fire up a quick video chat to get the issue resolved.

At the end of the day you give one final look at the support queue to make sure everything is being addressed, ensure there are no new phone or email messages, and go spend some time with your friends and family.

If you have a desire to help others, an interest in digital marketing and analytics, and a passion to share your technical aptitude with your customers on a human level, this could be the right opportunity for you!

Please submit your resume and cover letter here to begin the application process.