Take your Shopify store to the next level.

Accelerate your store’s growth with the perfect ecommerce tech stack.

Grow your Shopify store faster than ever.

Wicked Reports gives you the marketing intelligence you need to scale your store.

Find more of your best customers.

Identify the source of your highest lifetime value customers so you can invest more into those campaigns to attract more of your ideal customers — the ones who make large, repeat purchases.

Maximize the ROI of your ad spend.

When you can see the exact amount of revenue each ad campaign creates you know how an ad performs over the long-term. You can kill off underperformers and scale up your best ads to maximize your ROI.

Drive more repeat purchases.

You’ll have insight into which ads and emails are effectively nurturing your customer base, bringing them back to your store, and driving repeat purchases so you can optimize your long-term follow up to create the ideal customer journey.

See the true performance of all your marketing.

See the exact ROI of each ad, email, social media post, and more…

Wicked Reports shows you the true ROI of each piece of your marketing.

To grow your Shopify store you need to know what’s working (and what isn’t) so you can put together a data-driven growth plan. Then, you need to be able accurately measure how well that plan is working as you execute it. Knowing the true ROI of each campaign is the only way to intelligently optimize your marketing. This is exactly what Wicked Reports gives you.


Your store’s marketing — fully integrated.

Our one-click integrations seamlessly create accurate attribution data.

Track all your ActiveCampaign emails.

When you connect your ActiveCampaign account, we’ll instantly start tracking all your email campaigns — both one-off broadcasts and automated emails. You don’t need to set up anything — not even UTM links.

You’ll be able to see exactly how much revenue each campaign creates for your store, how many new customers it creates, and how many repeat orders it creates. You’ll no longer have to rely on “soft metrics” like clickthroughs and opens because you’ll know exactly how effective each email you send is in terms of what matters: revenue.

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Map your Shopify sales to clicks.

When you set up our Shopify integration, we’ll automatically place all the tracking into your ecommerce store so you don’t have to touch a line of code.

We’ll automatically import your order and customer data and we’ll use our People-Based Tracking technology to map the revenue from your Shopify store to your ActiveCampaign contacts and clicks on Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and your other marketing. You’ll finally have a clear, accurate picture of how well each piece of your marketing works and you’ll have insight into the exact customer journey that is creating customers for your store.

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