10 Signs You Should Invest in Attribution



Learn how the right attribution solution

can help increase ROI and grow your business

 Did you know you could be wasting money? 


You are NOT optimizing for cold vs .warm traffic

You are NOT optimizing funnel to customer journey

You do NOT know length of time to conversion

You are NOT optimizing for custom audiences

Your CRM, Cart, & Ads are NOT connected


You do NOT know your customer lifetime value

You ONLY measure CPC and not cost to acquire

Your attribution window is ONLY 28 days

Your cart IS connected to FB offline conversions

You are NOT using real transaction or cart data

Download 10 Things to Optimize for E-Commerce

Find out how SMART attribution can help you understand what is working and what is NOT working. Our checklist shows you how you could be optimizing your marketing so you can grow your business and increase ROI.

Wicked is a game changer! The ability to see exactly what is working allows you increase ROAS and decreased bleed. I recommend it to everyone doing any sort of paid advertising.

Nicholas Kusmich

World's Leading FB Ads Strategist, NicholasKusmich.com