Wicked Reports

Blog Post

Wicked Reports is the #1 marketing attribution software for small to medium size businesses.

Wicked Reports can now track anything pretty much any marketing, on or off-line, that you are doing to grow your business. How sweet is that?

The 5 minute video above will introduce the concept, show you why it’s important, and how to set it up…it’s that easy to do.

What’s so unique about Wicked Custom Events?

  • We automatically determine if the lead is new, or was already on your list, using our patented techniques.
  • You can input cost so you have true ROI.
  • The custom event blends into your customer’s journey seamlessly with all of the online marketing you are also doing.
  • You can evaluate in-person efforts vs. online efforts to see if they compliment, cannibalize, or strongly outperform each other.
  • One source of truth – where is your marketing working and where is it wasted?


Stop wasting money. Grow your business.


See for yourself how Wicked Reports  has helped our clients to generate over $3 billion in attributable revenue.