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Small and medium-sized businesses need good marketing data to make sound decisions, just like big companies do.

In fact, you have even more at stake.

Getting that data doesn’t have to be incredibly complicated and expensive. Wicked Reports gives you an affordable, understandable way of getting good data to make good decisions. We’re made for small and medium-sized businesses so you can compete with the big players and build strong sales funnels.

WickedSmartsTM gives you six ways to get big-time marketing results for your small business.


WickedSharpTM Data

Rely on accurate data you can trust. Wicked Reports displays the customer’s entire click journey over time with accurate attribution.[/sf_iconbox]


Use WickedSmartz™ augmented intelligence to ask English-language questions with a simple click. You get answers you can understand—right away.

Understandable Reports

Look at all your data in a report that makes visual sense–and explains why it rated results high or low. Analyze multiple campaigns and narrow your focus as needed. Visual elements bring the numbers to life.

Full-Impact ROI

Get multi-step, multi-channel visibility over the entire customer journey, regardless of marketing complexity. Wicked Reports attributes each order only once, by time, per point on the customer journey.

Pay as You Scale

Forget a six -or seven-figure buy-in price, Wicked Reports lets you start gradually based on the size of your marketing list and scale up as your business grows.

Wicked Academy

Learn how to get the most from your email campaigns and Facebook ads. Wicked Reports offers modular classes that will teach you what you need to know.


Big results for a small investment

If you get frustrated by complicated marketing metrics, you’re in the same boat with 99% of all small businesses.

But don’t lose hope. You may not be in the Fortune 500 but Wicked Reports will give you the good data you need to make your marketing programs as effective as the big companies.


Start-Up Packages

We built Wicked Reports to set up easily so you can get started quickly.
But if you just don’t have the staff or the time, we’ll handle the details for you

Wicked Reports offers four start-up packages that make your job easier.
Just pick the one that works best for you and we’ll take it from there.

This is the basic Wicked Reports start-up package to get you going.

VIP Instant Start-up and Data Analysis

This VIP package offers you everything that’s included in the Instant Start-up package plus a personal phone call with one of our experts. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get personal guidance.

VIP Data Analysis

Monthly analysis is designed for people who are growing their business by scaling marketing spends and reading the analytics correctly. Or maybe you’re looking for ideas on what to do next.

40–Emails Setup

For those who want the best from the best, here’s our elite package. When you sign up, the expert crew from Wicked Reports will add tracking links to 100 emails from your campaign. You can get started tracking the ROI from your email campaigns immediately with full confidence in the results.