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Wicked Reports can help you deliver reliable data, intelligent reports, and ROI over the entire customer journey with just a few clicks.

Do you:
Spend hours pulling together client reports from multiple sources and spreadsheets?
Hire expensive analysts to crunch the data and come up with answers?
Wish you had a magic wand that would give clients the reports they need?

If so, Wicked Reports can help you create client reports quickly and simply. You don’t have to hire data analysts, waste time with programming, or get caught in spreadsheet hell. We’ll do the hard work for you and give you data that’s trustworthy and accurate. You can use our focused reports or customize them for your clients’ requirements.

Wicked Smarts gives you six ways to get marketing results that make clients happy.

WickedSharpTM Data

Rely on accurate data you can trust. Wicked Reports displays the customer’s entire click journey over time with accurate attribution.


Use WickedSmartz™ augmented intelligence to ask English-language questions with a simple click. You get answers you can understand—right away.

Understandable Reports

Look at all your data in a report that makes visual sense–and explains why it rated results high or low. Analyze multiple campaigns and narrow your focus as needed. Visual elements bring the numbers to life.

Full-Impact ROI

Get multi-step, multi-channel visibility over the entire customer journey, regardless of marketing complexity. Wicked Reports attributes each order only once, by time, per point on the customer journey.

Pay as You Scale

Forget a six- or seven-figure buy-in price, Wicked Reports lets you start gradually based on the size of your marketing list and scale up as your business grows.

Wicked Academy

Learn how to get the most from your email campaigns and Facebook ads. Wicked Reports offers modular classes that will teach you what you need to know.

Now You Can Look Like Marketing Wizards.

If you struggle with complicated marketing metrics, you’re like most agencies and consultants.

Now You Can Look Like Marketing Wizards.

If you struggle with complicated marketing metrics, you’re like most agencies and consultants.

  • Clients expect you to provide expert information. They want to know how to market more effectively. But time is money and you manage billable hours carefully.
  • Clients demand your support. They don’t care that you’re a creative and not a data analyst. They don’t worry about whether your profit margins are too tight to hire an expert.
  • Clients have their own deadlines. If a marketing executive needs data for senior management or a board meeting, he’s got to have it when he needs it. If you spend the weekend crunching numbers and creating reports that’s not his problem.

Wicked Reports will give you the good data you need to give your clients what they need—and make you look like marketing wizards. Wicked Reports is as close to a magic wand as you can find for marketing metrics.

You’ll be astonished at how fast and accurate your client reports can be.


Get the Complete Report Library.

Wicked Reports put together a library of 13 reports for you. SEVEN are available only from Wicked Reports!

The 5 ROI Reports provide a comprehensive view across all sources. All you do is select which information you need. The see which ads or campaigns are making money—and which are not—so you can adjust campaigns for your clients.

In addition, you get 4 Marketing and Productivity Reports and 4 Sales Reports.


Start-Up Packages

We built Wicked Reports to set up easily so you can get started quickly.
But if you just don’t have the staff or the time, we’ll handle the details for you

Wicked Reports offers four start-up packages that make your job easier.
Just pick the one that works best for you and we’ll take it from there.

Instant Start-up Package

This is the basic Wicked Reports start-up package to get you going.

VIP Instant Start-up and Data Analysis

This VIP package offers you everything that’s included in the Instant Start-up package plus a personal phone call with one of our experts. The gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get personal guidance.

Monthly analysis is designed for people who are growing their business by scaling marketing spends and reading the analytics correctly. Or maybe you’re looking for ideas on what to do next.

40–Emails Setup

For those who want the best from the best, here’s our elite package. When you sign up, the expert crew from Wicked Reports will add tracking links to 100 emails from your campaign. You can get started tracking the ROI from your email campaigns immediately with full confidence in the results.