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Challenges with Tracking the Source of Customers

The biggest challenge with tracking customer activity accurately is “The Way It’s Always Been Done”—with pixels. Most people, in fact, think that pixels are the ONLY WAY to analyze marketing performance and determine marketing attribution. But pixels provide an outdated, inaccurate and incomplete measurement. Even when they are properly installed, pixels can load multiple times, generating inaccurate results, and they always leave gaps in the data.

Avoid pixel pandemonium

To work, companies must program the “value” of a conversion on every thank-you page, which is time-consuming to set up. It also means that sales leads from live events, automatic credit card billing, phone sales follow-up, and people shopping with cookies turned off are invisible. No pixels, no data.

In addition, customers often have several products in their shopping carts and will use multiple devices over their lifetime. What gets tracked and when?

That leaves you scrambling to fill those gaps and push data across multiple domains manually. Think that’s bad enough? Add in long sales cycles and complicated funnels, payment plans and continuity programs, discounts and price testing and you’ve got a whole new job—data analyst.

Who has the time? But the boss needs those numbers and the board meeting is looming so you start the old click-around run-around, to pull it all together.

Stay out of spreadsheet hell with Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports took a whole new approach to tracking the effectiveness of marketing programs. Instead of measuring pixels—and compensating for their problems—we measure people.

Remember, people buy things, not pixels. So it’s important for you to know what your actual prospects and customers respond to over time.

Instead of relying on open rates and click rates—and trying to map those to sales—we measure the actual return on your marketing investment. What could be simpler?

Thought you have no choice? Committed to The Way It’s Always Been Done? Loyal to pixels?

Don’t be fooled. Wicked Reports relieves you of this time-consuming, data-crunching burden. We do the hard work for you and provide you with answers in reports that are easy to understand and simple to customize. You get the answers without hiring expensive programmers or a staff full of data analysts.

Time is the X-Factor

Here’s another myth-breaking concept. Time is the second most important factor in tracking the ROI of marketing programs. Most businesses don’t convert 100% of prospects on the first day with the first contact. Your customers communicate with you over a period of time that varies depending on their needs, their budgets, schedule, and even their fiscal year. So how do you know in all that communication, over all that time, which activity finally triggered the SALE?

They go from clickers to prospects and from prospects to customers. Eventually some become your best customers. But which ones go from good to great and what marketing programs made that happen?

If you don’t know what finally triggered the sale, it’s because you can’t track value (real sales) over that entire customer journey and the complicated sales funnel that results from it. That makes your tracking data essentially worthless.

Wicked Reports gives you the ROI over time by connecting all your marketing programs to sales from your shopping cart over the entire length of the customer journey.


Ditch “The Way It’s Always Been Done”

Don’t cling to the past and hold on to inaccurate analytics systems. Take control of the customer journey and get complete marketing ROI. Track your marketing analytics with Wicked Reports—the only system that measures people, not pixels, and tracks their activities over time.