Wicked Reports


Wicked Reports is the leading marketing attribution software for small business.

What is Wicked Reports?

What is Wicked Reports?

Wicked ReportsBlog PostWicked Reports is the #1 marketing attribution software for small to medium size businesses.“How can I tell which marketing...

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Wicked Reports has given us huge clarity on the performance of our ads, specifically Facebook. Before Wicked, it was a nightmare trying to find out how much Facebook revenue came from new customers vs. pre-existing customers. Now we can easily see this information in Wicked. Not only that, but Wicked has also massively improved our lead source tracking. What used to be a headache is now very simple to find out. We love Wicked Reports!

Perry Marshall

Author and CEO, Perry S. Marshall & Associates

Stop wasting money. Grow your business.

See for yourself how Wicked Reports  has helped our clients to generate over $3 billion in attributable revenue.