Wicked Reports Agency & Consultant Packages

Referral Only


For agencies & consultants who simply want to send clients or leads our way.

  • Sign up for our affiliate program
  • Use referral links OR do an mail introduction between your Wicked sales rep & client.  You can also simply send your client our way via email and notify us, we'll take care of the rest.
  • You get monthly recurring commission income of 10% per sale.

For a limited time, get a $200 bonus for referring new accounts.

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Pay for Your Clients to Use Wicked Reports

For agencies paying for their own account and at least 3 clients.

After completing Wicked Academy Training, you get the following:

  • Your account free
  • 20% off recurring monthly licensing fee for your clients
  • KickStart fees waived if you handle the onboarding for your clients. 20% discount if you'd like us to handle the onboarding for you
  • Dedicated Wicked Reports rep to help you serve your clients

As the Agency, you will be expected to provide support and consulting for your clients.

We will provide unlimited data consulting, setup, and analysis with you

Pay for 3, Get Yours Free

With 3 active Wicked Reports agency clients, you get a free Wicked Reports account for your agency/consulting business. 

This order form is for Agency use only.
By using this order form you are certifying that in exchange for waiving the onboarding fee you will be handling the setup and onboarding of your client completely.

Wicked Reports will provide support to you, but you are expected to provide all client support directly.
If you want us to support the client in onboarding or handle the onboarding for you, do not use this order form.
The agency discount of 20% on subscription fees will be applied upon successful onboarding of 3 account in addition to your own.
You must notify Wicked Reports once you've met this condition.
Discounts will not be applied retroactively.
By using this order form you agree to the conditions above, that you are paying for your agency clients,  and that you certify you are eligible for our Agency pricing.