Wicked Reports

About Us

Wicked Reports is the leading marketing attribution software for small to medium size businesses.

Wicked Reports exists to serve small businesses marketing on Facebook, Google and email. We believe that better data leads to better decisions and better decisions lead to better results.

We have tracked $1.3 billion in online PPC marketing spend and attributed that spend to $3.2 billion in sales.

We were founded in 2015 to level the playing field for small businesses competing online for the same customers as big businesses.

Customer Stats

Ad Spend

$1.3 Billion

Tracked Sales

$3.2 Billion


260 million


$60 Million


150 million


After only one month of using Wicked Reports, we identified 3 key areas to invest more efforts and dollars.  Our overall return on Facebook advertising and automated email marketing is 637%, in other words for every dollar we put in we got $6.37 back.  Without Wicked Reports we would not have easily identified these areas of opportunities.  Thanks to Wicked Reports we now have greater confidence in our overall marketing efforts and enjoy a tremendous amount of transparency. The numbers don’t lie: Wicked Reports is a great investment and you owe it to yourself to sign up.  The product performs and the team is wonderful.

Jonathan Khorsandi

CEO, Osher Group, Inc

Wicked Reports is awesome! We’ve had fantastic results in drilling down exactly where our leads are coming from, what’s working and what’s not. I love how it takes all your data and combines it into one easy to use marketing reporting tool. I highly recommend it if you want to see what marketing efforts are bringing in the most revenue!

Chris Bigelow

CEO, Monster Development


Since we started using Wicked Reports, we’ve gotten much deeper insight into how our many marketing campaigns are performing, all the way down to ROI on each campaign and ad. Wicked Reports saves us both time and money, and we’re happy to recommend them and their team to anyone that’s spending money on digital advertising. It's a game changer for any serious small business.

Landon Ray

Founder and CEO, Ontraport

Learn how Wicked Reports SMART Attribution can help you learn what marketing activities are working and which are NOT working so you can increase ROI and scale your business.