10 signs you should invest in attribution

  • Not optimizing for cold vs .warm traffic
  • Not optimizing funnel to customer journey
  • Do not know length of time to conversion
  • Not optimizing for custom audiences
  • CRM, Cart, & Ads are not connected
  • Do not know customer lifetime value
  • Only measure CPC not cost to acquire
  • Attribution window only 28 days
  • Cart connected to FB offline conversions
  • Not using real transaction or cart data

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10 Things to Optimize for E-commerce

  • Cold vs. Warm Traffic
  • Cross Platform, Multi-Modal
  • Buying Cycle and Patterns
  • Connect Your CRM
  • Optimize Custom Audiences
  • Match Targeted Campaigns to Audiences
  • Manage to CAC and LTV, Not CPC
  • Customer Journey & Sales Velocity
  • Optimize FB Offline Conversions
  • SMART Attribution

What Our Clients Say

You have, by far, one of the greatest software out there and we can’t imagine how else we could do things such as scaling up the company and revenue. Being able to track engagement, visits, conversions and everything you can possible image, across multiple platforms is something that we have been dreaming about for years. Having those “wicked” insights changed our business from the ground up.

Mat Bozic
Dir. Customer Acquisition
Since we started using Wicked Reports, we’ve gotten much deeper insights into how our many marketing campaigns are performing, all the way down to ROI on each campaign and ad. It’s saved us both time and money, and we’re happy to recommend them and their team to anyone that’s spending money on advertising.

Landon Ray
Founder and CEO, Ontraport
“Wicked Reports had given us huge clarity on the performance of our ads, specifically Facebook. Before Wicked, it was a nightmare trying to find out how much Facebook revenue came from new customers vs. pre-existing customers. Now we can easily see this information in Wicked. Not only that, but Wicked has also massively improved our lead source tracking. What used to be a headache is now very simple to find out. We love Wicked Reports!”

Perry Marshall
Author & CEO, Perry S. Marshall & Associates

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