WickedSmartz™, our enhanced, intelligent analytics system, performs the complex technical tasks and quantitative analysis you’ve always had to do yourself. You’re a marketer, not a coder. Why should you have to master filtering, sorting, and analyzing data before you can even start your real job of generating business?

Now you can ask WickedSmartz simple questions and get immediate answers about which programs create actual revenue and which just deliver clicks or opens.

Let go of laborious number crunching. Can the old click-around run-around. Forget filtering and analysis. Choose one of seven critical questions and get answers from WickedSmartz that are fast, accurate, and easy to understand. Then move on to the work that really pays the bills.

Here are the seven questions WickedSmartz answers for you. More are in the works and will be added over time:

Here are the seven questions WickedSmartz answers for you. More will be added over time:

WickedSmartz Makes Your Job Easier 

Wicked Reports makes your job—and your life—easier because we understand both data and marketing. Here are six ways we help you:

You don’t have to set up links. Forget about creating a separate link inside your system for every link you use. That’s tedious and time consuming. It gets in the way of what your really want to do—which is marketing. So we take care of it for you.

You get full-impact ROI: You see First Click, First Optin, Re Optin, and Last Click. Customers have more freedom than ever and sometimes people take a while to buy. You typically reach them several times before they transform from prospects to customers. This Customer Journey can be complex and Wicked Reports provides the hyper-focus that lets you assess how your marketing is working on all four major prospect-to-customer engagements.

Broad Integration: We integrate with seven of the online marketing industry’s most important sources of information. Wicked Reports automatically pulls data from your ad networks, website, landing pages, emails, and CRM to give you a broad spectrum of coverage:

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook ads
  • InfusionSoft
  • Ontraport
  • Shopify
  • Active Campaign
  • Actionetics
  • Stripe

Impact Assessment: Get a full-impact assessment of your ads. Full-impact ROI from Wicked Reports takes away all the headache, frustration, and complexity. Then WickedSmartz enhanced analytics tell you what you need to know:

  • “What made people become customers?”
  • “Where did I first find them?
  • “Where did I find them most recently? and
  • “Where did I convert them?”

Reclaim the hours you’ve been spending crunching numbers. Wicked Reports analyzes the data automatically and gives you fast, accurate answers to your most important questions.

Wicked Reports is sized for your company. Your small- or medium-sized business needs good data just like the Fortune 500 marketing monsters do. But you don’t have an army of analysts and a multi-million dollar budget to use. We get it and we have what you need at the right price to help you grow.