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Sales and Revenue Data Automatically Pulled from Your CRM
Quickly find out where you’re wasting money on Facebook ads

With this report it’s easy to figure out which Facebook campaigns, audiences, ads and offers are giving you the best ROI.



Make more money from email marketing and send less emails people don’t care about


Imagine what it would be like if you knew exactly which emails were driving sales and which ones weren’t. The Email ROI Report helps you figure this out and so much more!

Email ROI

Email ROI Report - 2


Identify the weak link in your email sales funnels (pinpoint where the dropoff is).
Know which “money” emails you should be sending to everyone on your list.
Find out if you should avoid emailing your list on weekends or Mondays


Have you ever wondered when is the best day to send emails? The only way to know this is to look at your data (not by following “best practices”). You need to know what your “money day” is for sending emails.

Buying Day

When do people buy report - 1


Discover which day of the week people are most likely to purchase from you.

We calculate this daily for you (nobody else does this).

Ryan Deiss

"My team invests millions of dollars on marketing, and one of the main reasons we have the confidence to invest that kind of money is because we trust our data. Thanks to Wicked Reports, we can track revenue to specific ads, audiences, campaigns and emails. If you're tired of not knowing what's working with your marketing, try Wicked Reports. You'll be glad you did!" 

Now you can KNOW if your campaigns or ads are making you money!

16 Done-For-You Marketing Reports!

“One of the main reasons we switched from 1ShoppingCart to Infusionsoft is because of Wicked Reports! I highly recommend them.

Ryan Levesque, bestselling author of the book Ask

Send email when people are likely to buy (not just click your email).


We’ve analyzed thousands of emails and most are sent out at 8:00 a.m. Why? Because that’s the default send time in most email automation apps. However, for most, this is a bad time to send emails. Use this report to find out what time of day people are most likely to buy (not just click) from you.

Buying Time


Pinpoint the best time to send emails so you make more sales.
Base your email send time on facts vs the opinions of marketing gurus.
Go beyond AdWords data! We pull data from AdWords, your CRM and click tracking data.

Log in to your Wicked Reports dashboard to see the precise ROI of every AdWords ad, campaign and keyword. Updated daily for lifetime value vs. cost to acquire the customer, without the need for a programmer!

AdWords ROI



Discover which audiences spend the most money with you over time.


Want to know the precise ROI of every ad, email, social post, and link... automatically updated daily for lifetime value vs. cost to acquire the customer, without the need for a programmer?


All Sources ROI


Discover which ads to scale and which to kill.


Discover which clicks and leads led to the best customers.


Discover which offers are generating the most revenue for you over time.

Find out which social networks you should focus one based on sales (not likes)


Finally! A way to measure the ROI of your social network activity. This report will tell you which posts, tweets, and pins led to sales and which ones flopped!

Social ROI

Discover which states you should target more with PPC campaigns.


Would you like to know which states (or countries) are the best for you to advertise in? This report pulls data from your CRM so you can easily see which locations are best to focus on.


Customer Geography

Customer Geography Report - 3

Personalize your emails based on geography.
Find out which locations would be best to host a live event.
This report will tell you exactly how good you are at getting repeat business. Remember, it’s easier to get someone to buy from you again than to acquire a new customer. If you notice most your customers only order once than you’ve just identified some low-hanging fruit!

Customer Frequency

Data pulled directly from your CRM


How many times are people ordering from you?


This report shows you if campaigns or ads are producing positive or negative ROI.


If you only look at the short-term results of your ads and campaigns you may kill some of your most profitable activities. This powerful report will show you which audiences, ads, posts and emails are giving you the highest long-term revenue.

Delayed Revenue


Find out how long it takes for a lead generation activity to be profitable.

The best way to separate the “winners” from the “losers” and grow your business!

Figure out if you have a positive ROI for your lead generation activities.


Do your leads become worth more than the cost to acquire them? Which audiences, ads, posts and emails led to the greatest spread between cost-per-lead and revenue-per-lead? This report answers those questions.

Lead Value Over Time


See how long it takes for the revenue/lead to be greater than the cost/lead.


Identify the precise point when leads become more valuable than the cost to acquire them.


Find out exactly how long your sales cycle is (no more guessing).


This report shows you exactly how long your sales cycle is. Plus, you can see how the length of your sales cycle varies by source, campaign, audiences and offers.

Sales Velocity

See how long it takes for your leads to turn into customer.
Which marketing sources have the shortest sales cycle (focus more there)?

Product Tripwire Attribution

The easy way to know how long it takes for your Tripwire offer to be profitable.


If you have a Tripwire offer (a super low-ticket offer, usually between $1-$20) then you want to know if you’re getting a positive return on it, right? This report will help you figure that out and more. 

Discover if you have a positive ROI for your tripwire or if you should kill it.


Find out which audiences, ads, posts and emails led to the highest long-term revenue.



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Which ads, campaigns and keywords, are giving you the highest ROI?

Know precisely where your sales are coming from and where you’re wasting money.

Gain insight about what type of content your audiences are most interested in.

See exactly how much revenue that “viral post” generated for you.

Use this as your “scoreboard” for trying to get more repeat orders.

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