Q: Of what value is the Lead Source field in Infusionsoft since Wicked does all these things?

A: It will tell you at a very high level where your leads are coming from, such as “Facebook”. We have found with every client, that about 80% of their ads have -100% ROI, but 20% of their ads have fantastic ROI. Knowing the ads to scale and the ads to kill makes our customers a lot of $.

Q: How long until I can see actionable data?

A: Buying Day, Buying Time, Sales Velocity, Unique & Total Customer Counts, Lead Growth,and Customer Frequency all are generated within 48 hours of signup and provide actionable data. The ROI reports require our click tracking so they become actionable as we collect data.

Q: Why not just use GA e-commerce tracking?

A: Scott has consulted over 200 businesses on their Analytics and not one had GA E-commerce tracking they are happy with. GA uses a pixel that has to be programmatically customized, and then it still has issues with firing too much / not enough. It was frustrations with GA e-commerce tracking and Infusionsoft Lead Source that led me down the path to creating Wicked Reports.  The tracking data starts with your CRM data so you know that something actually happened in your business if it’s reported on.

Q: Do I have to change my links in my ads? And if so, in what way / how?

A: For Facebook, yes, you need to add WickedIDs as indicated in this post. For AdWords, no. As long as you are not using redirect links already, and do not have UTMs already, you can update your account with our tracking template, and then you are all set.

Q: How long does it take to get setup?

A: 2-4 hours on average.

Q: Do I still need iTracker360.com?

A: No. We push the UTMs into your CRM upon request, no charge.

Q: Does it track source of the sale if there was no opt in? (Meaning, their first entry into the CRM is an order.)

A:  Yes.

Q: What about subscription based businesses?

A: We only count it if it’s the 1st sale. But we still add future payments to LTV.

Q: Are you getting the data directly from what’s in Facebook or do I have to input the data in WR?

A: No. It comes from what’s already in FB.

Q: How do you map the user that clicked, to the user that bought?

A: That’s how we have a business. 🙂 It’s proprietary. It alleviates the need for you to have to tell us an order has happened.

Q: Are there contracts?

A: No. You’re free to cancel anytime.

Q: What are your plans for future integrations?

A: We plan to integrate with: Salesforce, Active Campaign, MailChimp, Authorize.net (JM)

Q: Will Wicked Reports Integrate with my Shopping Cart?

A: To get full value out of Wicked Reports, your shopping cart needs to allow for custom scripts to be added to the Checkout pages. Most carts allow this, however there are a few that do not.